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eCommerce is getting more complicated.

Discovery is Difficult.

There are more than 80 ecommerce software categories for merchants to sift through, leaving it difficult to understand which solutions are right for your business.


Optimizing is Hard.

Most teams are small, and with ecommerce changing every day, merchants don't have the bandwidth to teach themselves the latest strategies in order to stay ahead.


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Media: The Next M&A Craze for SaaS Companies

March 25, 2021

Up to now, media and software were separated. Sandeep Kella predicts this is changing fast as SaaS companies look to get closer to their customers.

How Technology Is Allowing Us to Be Kids Again

March 25, 2021

The beauty of technology isn’t that it removes risk entirely — rather, it makes risk less daunting and, thus, business more accessible to all.

Assembly Shares Roadmap with Business Insider

March 3, 2021

From SaaS, to building online communities, Assembly is growing into the one-stop shop for ecommerce merchants in every part of their journey.

Helium 10 Launches Industry-First Alibaba Partnership

February 21, 2021

Helium 10 launched industry-first partnership with Alibaba to bring demand estimates and product supply into the same user experience.

Assembly's Growth Captured in Tech Crunch Feature

February 1, 2021

Assembly featured by Techcrunch as a company with unicorn potential, driven through the combination of software with community.

Prestozon Joins Assembly's Growing Software Suite

September 30, 2020

Assembly acquired Prestozon to help bring best-in-class advertising automation to merchants through the Helium 10 dashboard experience.

Refersion Joins Assembly's Growing Software Suite

July 27, 2020

Assembly continues to expand its offering, adding the leading ambassador discovery and attribution platform, Refersion, to its software suite.

Assembly Raises Growth Capital from PSG Equity

May 19, 2020

Assembly received a significant investment from PSG Equity to help fuel its efforts in building and acquiring ecommerce software companies.